2 August 2012

Yesterday we took a day trip with the folk from Britbound out to Stonehenge and Bath. It was a good day for it, with no rain. As we all crowded into the minivan in Shoreditch the girl who was driving explained that because of the Olympic exhortation for everyone to avoid London's roads, the roads were clearer than ever and we would avoid the motorway and instead more quickly weave our way across London. Over half an hour later we got out of the city into something recognisably rural.

Our first stop was Stonehenge. Or more accurately the Stonehenge Visitors' Carpark. I swear the carpark was bigger than the stone circle we had come to see. The wind was biting, and went right through my hoodie. We all slowly walked around the stones with the audio guides until we got bored or too cold.

Stonhenge was built around 3,000BC and was probably earlier constructed of earth ditches and wooden posts and beams, later replaced with stone. The stones are not from the local area but were brought to Salisbury from Pembrokeshire in Wales, or transported closer to the site via glacial movement. Many people were buried at this site over it's history.

Stonehenge from above. Photo from 1000 Things London
What they think Stonehenge originally looked like. Picture from BBC.

Having seen them before and still remembering most of the stories on the audio guide it was interesting, but not nearly such an 'experience' as I remember it being when I first saw Stonehenge ten years ago.

However, I was glad to have a better camera with me this time, and grabbed some decent photos, although I struggled to not end up with dark silhouettes or bleached white sky.

The inescapable crowds.


Stonehenge. View 2 of many.

Some of the stones looked liked they've been repaired with concrete.

Foreboding weather rolling in over the fields.

Burial mounds in the fields behind Stonehenge.


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