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Vancouver: Day two

Today I learned a number of things:

Traffic lights flash on the green phase and there seems to be some sort of rule allowing people to turn right at traffic lights (what would be our left turn) on a red light.

The pedestrian wait signal is a red hand, and the walk signal is a white silhouette of a person walking.  It is not green.  Only traffic signals are green.  Don't start walking when the lights go green.  
Cars are likely to stop on a suburban street if you look like you’re about to cross.
I'm not sure if it's illegal or just custom, but no-one seems to cross mid block.  Mind you I've mostly been downtown, and there are an awful lot of short blocks and each one has signals.
There are a lot of migrants here.  I was served by a woman from Bulgaria at the bank, a man from Persia, and one from Germany at the phone shop, and those were the people where that info came up in conversation.
So far my experience has been very different from my experience setting up in Engl…

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