Where am I going?

First stop, Melbourne.  Then on to Singapore for a couple of days, then to Hanoi.  From Hanoi I will join up with the Intrepid tour group and spend two weeks travelling down the coast of Vietnam to Ho Chi Minh/Saigon.  I have never been to anywhere in Asia, except airports, so this will be a completely new experience for me.  I figure everything else after this will be easy.  

After Vietnam it’s on to Scandinavia.  My ticket only goes as far as Copenhagen.  From there I will find my own way, ultimately to the UK.  I hope to be able to travel north of the Arctic Circle to see the midnight sun and spend a few days in complete sunlight.  I figure it’s the closest thing to an alien planet I can get.  If it works out I’d also like to return in winter to see the aurora and see what it’s like to be in almost total darkness for days.  For no particular reason other than having seen it on a Michael Palin show, I’d like to try for Tromso, in Norway.  I also have a friend in Finland I’d like to try and visit, but this part of the trip is not yet finalised.  Once I’ve done all I’m going to do in Scandinavia or when the money runs out, whichever comes first, I’ll head to the UK and meet up with Boyd.

While I’m travelling I can be contacted intermittently via email – Yvonne.gwyn@gmail.com and I will still have my NZ mobile number and can receive texts.  I’ll get a UK phone number when I arrive there.


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