So far I've managed to not pay for public transport here.  I keep meaning to try the other trams, but where I want to go is always on the free tram route. The tourist tram appears to be one of the original ones preserved, and comes with an onboard commentary about the attractions nearby, which has actually been really helpful.  The first tram I was on didn't have this and in replacement a lady was yelling out the stops and attractions over the hubbub of the passengers in an unintelligible accent. 

I've also noticed a few bike hire places around town.  Free for the first half hour, and then fees after this.  $50 or so for an annual membership.  Sounded like a good idea till my friend explained that there aren't helmets to go with them, though she's not sure why.  There seem to be some vending machines about but apparently they’re not reliable.  And as in NZ wearing a helmet is required by law. I'm looking forward to cycling in the UK where helmets are not required. I have fond memories of getting about by bike in the Netherlands (also a no helmet country).

Melbourne bike hire.
Another thing of interest I noticed, and thought I was seeing thing initially, are the turning bays at the intersections in the centre of town.  There’s a bay at right angles to the traffic lanes in front of the lights for right turners to wait in till the lights signal them to go.  Again my friend explained that this is to allow the trams to fit through.  There’s no room for cars to stack up in a right turn lane apparently, so they put them in front of all the other cars and let them go first.  

White van in turning bay.


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