In transit

29 May 2012

I’m now 3,000 km from Melbourne and 11,000km up, on my way to Singapore.  We’re about halfway into our flight and the sunset is finally catching up with up.  We’ve been running ahead of it for the last 4 hours, but it is now definitely twilight on the north eastern coast of Australia.

I’m flying with Singapore Airlines this time, and so far it has been a pleasant experience.  I’ve had a brief look and listen to some Vietnamese language videos, learned about Singaporean business culture, been fed a decent meal, and had a walk around the plane.   It’s nearly time for bed.  I read in the literature in the seat pocket that Singapore Airlines offer wifi onboard.  Sadly I haven’t been able to connect – my fault or theirs I’m not sure.  I have however caught up on a few episodes of The Big Bang Theory and Family Guy.  I don’t have quite the stamina for a full length movie. 

Trivia for the day:  Did you know the original name for Singapore was Singapura – meaning land of the lion, because a leader had seen an animal he thought was a lion there.


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