Christmas day in Chelmsford

25 December 2012

We spent Christmas day with my flatmates in Chelmsford, sampling a traditional winter Christmas dinner.  Sadly, despite the earlier hopeful wintry signs we weren't lucky enough to see snow on the ground when we woke up.

After a short Skype call to my family (who were all sleepy with Christmas indulgence) we were treated to a cooked breakfast.  First up was smoked salmon and cream cheese on miniature pikelets with 'buck's fizz' aka champagne and orange juice.  Followed by croissants and bacon and eggs.  Quite a change from the traditional childhood Christmas breakfast of chocolate and whatever else was found in my Christmas stocking!

We spent the morning socialising and played a few games for the benefit of Ally, my flatmate's 10 year old daughter.  This included a race carrying as many candy canes as possible in two dessert spoons while running round the backyard dancing in Gangnam Style.  Ouch.  End result, the guys won by one candy cane.

Lunch/dinner was a substantial affair.  Roast turkey, stuffing, a brussels sprout and bacon dish, roast potatoes and other veges, and more drinks.  Dessert came several hours later in the form of an over-cooked pavlova and an unusual trifle. And more drinks.  We opened a bottle of mulled wine that Boyd had bought in Brugges. And finished it.

Merry Christmas everybody!


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