Today I spent the day in Sibenik old town.  The weather was good enough to hang out some washing, so after hunting down the hostel worker in the café next door to sort out the washing machine and taking a leisurely shower in the first shower with an overhead faucet I have seen in days, I walked the short 200 odd meters to the waterfront.

All the information on opening times that the Tourist Office gave me was utterly wrong and so I wasn’t able to see the mediaeval garden or the Bunari museum, but it was still a beautiful town to walk around and I found plenty to spend a day looking at.  The narrow alleyways of pale stone climbing up the hillside put me in mind of Minas Tirith.  I did get to see the City Museum which gave a brief overview of the history of the town.  Most of what we see today in the old town was built by the 15th century, with some additions in the 16th and 17th, though there have been people in this area since the stone age.  The museum was an improvement on the ones I had seen in Italy in that it had all the exhibits in Croatian and English, and good English at that.

Franciscan Church and Monastery.
Narrow arched streets.
Unknown church.
Buildings on the hill.
Cathedral of St Jakob.  Started in the 13th century...

...and finished in the 14th.


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