Keep Left, Stand Right.

After the chaos of Vietnam and the right hand driving in Scandinavia I had been looking forward to getting to the UK, assuming that as it’s a left hand drive place that the code on the footpath would be the same as in New Zealand. Sadly, no.

There’s a confusing mix of left and right here. Like New Zealand this is a left hand drive country. But it’s a crime to stand on the left of the escalator on the underground, this being so important that there are a multitude of signs everywhere to remind you. Everyone lines up single file on the right and side so that people who want to hike to the top can do so on the left. Then there are the signs in the underground saying keep left on the stairs. This confusion seems to carry out to the footpaths where I still don’t have the correct instinct to avoid having to concentrate on not getting in other people’s way.


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