Overnight train to Saigon

We were all better prepared for the second overnight train after the ordeals of the first, both mentally and with provisions.  The only thing we weren't prepared for was the unexpected two hour delay before we boarded in Nha Trang.  Mechanical faults had meant all the trains that evening were delayed, some by even more than two hours.  It wouldn't have been a problem except it was a late train to start with, so it wasn't till after midnight that we finally boarded.  We spent the two hours in the waiting room of the train station, because unforuntately there was nowhere to go within walking distance with all our gear.  Our guide, Phi, kindly hunkered down in front of the small mountain we had created with our luggage and started watching a movie on his laptop while guarding our stuff, which meant we could seek the relative comfort of the air conditioned waiting room, in dribs and drabs as we staked out seats vacated one at a time.

Eventually we boarded and prepared ourselves for sleep, with the consolation that a two hour delay did at least mean we could get up at 7am rather than 5am.  Fortunately this time I was sharing a carriage with our guide and another couple from the group.


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